Artistic Process

Self-taught artistic painter fromMontreal,

I studied fashion design at College Lasalle where I learned many different mediums of drawing and illustration.

A couple of years later, I started abstract and figurative painting mixing acrylic, pastel and felt, all while using the techniques I learned at Lasalle College.

I have been on my artistic path for over 10 years, experimenting with different techniques and mediums.

From painting to painting, my evolution can be felt through the colors, forms and subjects.

I experimented and adopted the epoxy resin as my medium of preference, which has allowed me to develop a style that differentiates my art from others.

I started in the artistic world with my first private artistic show in 2009.

From this event was born the first generation of Freaks.

With this decided success came the second generation of these characters who, as of today, never stopped evolving.

The Freak family is growing!

I paint with passion and my paintings are affordable.

I now offer reproductions as well as by-products such as prints on wood, key chains, magnets, necklaces, paper weights and greeting cards.

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For more details, you can contact me via Facebook or at or

You can now order my Freaks directly from your home or get them close by!


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