Welcome to my artistic universe!

Welcome to my artistic universe!

Influenced by both technical drawings and the fashion world in which I work, as well as by color itself, I have created a world of characters which have evolved throughout my artistic journey.  These characters, which I call Freaks, are dark yet charming, at once childish yet mature.

Despite their somewhat morbid appearance with their black, empty eyes, they nonetheless express a happy and joyful attitude and are absolutely irresistible.

Inspired by themes found in my day-to-day life, my surroundings, the lives of everyday people, these works convey the ordinary; the banal.  They are often set in surreal backgrounds, which conjure emotions through which we see reflections of ourselves or someone from our entourage.

I enjoy pushing the limit between cuteness and the macabre and through each image, steering my fans towards a particular emotion.

I invite you to discover the world of Freaks, to escape reality and step through the door to an inspiring world where problems and difficulties give way to a place of fantastic imagination.

Where strange and adorable meet.



Peintre à Montréal